A Community Baby Closet-in-the-Cloud!

Welcoming the world's first truly sustainable generation together!

The fashion industry produces 80 billion new items of clothing every year.
One garbage truck of clothing is sent to a landfill or an incinerator per second.
Less than 1% of clothes today are recycled.

It isn't fair that we leave this problem for tomorrow's generation to fix when we can do something about it today.

Introducing a Tradle Clothing Registry

A simple, convenient and collaborative way for a new parent's entire community to gift high-quality, eco-friendly baby clothes - at a fraction of the retail price. Tradle's registry makes it easy for parents to have and then exchange outgrown clothes as a baby quickly grows from one size to the next. (It's like a cloth diaper subscription, but for cute clothes that parents can show off with lots of pictures!)


Save Time, Money and the Environment

  • Tradle's service helps new parents and their entire community to save time, money and effort - but sourcing top quality clothes, from local, Canadian brands and then keeping clothes out of the landfills!

Cute clothes that fit the parent's style

  • Contribute towards the ideal amount of mix & match items (onesies, rompers, tops, bottoms, hats and shoes) in the right size, season and style for each of the 5-7 growth spurts a baby will have in its first 2 rapid growth years.

Peace-of-Mind Support and Care

  • Clothes get lost or damaged? Never worry, you already have enough on your plate. Cover the loss with a small restocking fee to replenish the clothing supply, and that's it! VIP (very important parent!) support at all times.

Join the fun!

  1. Pitch in towards an expecting parent's clothing registry.
  2. Invite other friends, colleagues or family members to support the lucky parents.
  3. Stay connected and receive updates on the little one over time, as they use, outgrow and exchange your generous gift-that-keeps-on-growing!! (Remember, the greatest gifts are not wrapped in paper but in love)

A modern, convenient and collaborative hand-me-downs solution

"It just makes sense..." - Every exhausted parent ever.

  • On average, babies will outgrow over 200 items of clothing in the first 2 years.
  • High-quality, gently-used items >> Poor-quality, new items
  • Each item in a Tradle bundle costs about $10, compared to $30, $40, $50 or even $60 per item when buying new.
  • Every item is guaranteed to be used and loved for about 3 months before it's exchanged for a new size or season. (They grow so fast!)
  • Each full bundle has 24 items of high-quality onesies, rompers, tops and bottoms. Half-bundles contain 12 items.
  • Tradle washes, repairs (if necessary), and makes sure the gently-used clothes are in great condition before circulating to the next lucky family.
  • Tradle supports local, Canadian brands in their transition towards designing products for a zero-waste, circular economy.

Saving time, energy and the environment for what really matters



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