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A clear view of your performance

SwimAR is a holographic heads up display for swimmers
that attaches to a regular pair of goggles

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SwimAR is a holographic heads up display for swimmers, that can be attached to regular goggles providing you with real-time performance data in a clear display that appears to float in front of the eyes.

Find out more about the SwimAR development journey so far here.


Triathletes and competitive swimmers looking to maximise every minute of their training, wanting to improve form and shave seconds off times.

If you are in the pool on average 2-6 times a week and train throughout the year, often covering 50km a month in-season, we have designed this with you in mind,

Coaches looking for tools to support and stretch swimmers covering long distances and working on multiple repetitive sets.

At a conservative estimate there are 3 million swimmers in the UK with 65,000 annually signing up to compete in triathlons. We imagine we are not the only ones who've noticed this is missing from swim training. 


The Imagination Factory team, directors Julian SwanMark Hester and Roger Gray are the designers and engineers behind SwimAR. They have worked in collaboration with many from the swimming and triathlete communities around the world to shape the design and content of SwimAR.


There is nothing on the market that enables a swimmer to see their data in real-time like SwimAR. We have it for running and cycling. But in the pool, the performance technology to date lags behind the other disciplines for a triathlete, falling into two categories:

- swimmers have to stop training and read clock or watch

- results in eye strain with data or light indicator positioned millimetres away from the eye

- obscures field of view with data screen in goggle lense


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Are you a triathlete, keen swimmer or swim coach?

We'd love to hear from people:
- interested in buying a product like SwimAR
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- commercial partners who would be interested in discussing ways to help with development and routes to market

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