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Alice is an #RA and #FibroWarrior on her journey back an active life style!
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Hi, I am Alice and my family has always said they want to wrap me in bubblewrap.  I was always on the go and felt like a klutz even before I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and Fibromyalgia, but they sure haven't helped me any.  In the last several years I have fallen and seriously injured myself because I lose my balance easily.  My most recent fall resulted in three broken bones in my hand and the radius in my wrist. I have broken my ankle, torn the MCL of my left knee, broken two bones in my foot, etc. Come to think of it, my family probably has a point about the bubble wrap!

I have been able to do many things throughout the years. I lived in San Diego and was an Administrator for an Architecture/Planning firm.  About a year before my husband got orders to go to Iceland (more on that later) I broke two bones through the joint of my left big toe.  I ended up in a plaster cast to my knee.  The next day I fell off the crutches and dislocated my right collarbone and tore tendons and ligaments both front and back.  They immobilized my arm by strapping it across my body supported by a sling.  I did say I was a klutz, right?

When I was able to wear shoes again I found I couldn't wear my heels due to pain in my toes and feet.  I started to have trouble with my fingers and hands.  It wasn't until we drove cross-country to ship our car to Iceland that I realized it was more.  Every time we stopped and I got out of the car I felt like a 90-year-old woman.  Everything hurt.  

It took more than 6 months for me to give in and go to the doctor to figure it out.  It took both hands to squeeze a shampoo bottle and to turn a doorknob.  Fortunately, the water in Iceland is geo-thermally heated so I could stay in the shower as long as possible to be able to move.  I received my diagnosis the month before I turned 40, and the doctors believe I had it at least 1-1/2 years before the diagnosis. 

I have a degree in music education and used it in Iceland.  I was in charge of music for the base chapel's general Protestant service.  I also substituted at the base elementary and high school.  We went off the base to explore the beautiful country and I found it very difficult to walk on uneven ground. I was also a Girl Scout leader while we were there. Hurting from head to toe made all the things I was involved in so much harder. 
I continued to work when we returned to the states.  I was a corporate administrator for a general contracting firm with contracts for the five military base family housing maintenance. I loved my job, but it was very stressful. 
I finally had to make the decision that my health was more important and I went on disability.  I have a difficult time with the "fog" that comes with the territory and I can lose a word in the middle of a sentence. It's very frustrating.  I can also completely forget what I was doing in the middle of an activity.  In my career, that made it impossible to meet my standards of how to perform in my position.
Now I live in Chesterfield Virginia. Chesterfield county is part of the metropolitan Richmond area. My husband was in the Navy for 20 years. When we bought our house we went out into the country to get away from the city noise. I love to knit and and it helps keep my hands, wrists and fingers limber. I also love to read and have found my e-reader to be a big help. I can't hold books open very easily so I prefer the digital books. 
Unfortunately, I have the more aggressive version of RA and the fibro and spinal stenosis make everything more of a challenge.  I have had one knee replaced and need the other one done as well, but I need to lose weight and lower my BMI before insurance will cover the surgery.  It is very difficult for me to walk, let alone exercise.  After walking more than about 5 minutes, my back becomes so painful it hurts to even move. When my husband and I go to the store, we each get a shopping cart - his to put groceries into and mine to let me lean on and keep me supported as we walk through the store.  Being able to sit while walking would be such a tremendous help and make life so much easier.
The first thing that struck me when I saw the Alinker Bike on Selma Blair's Instagram account was the stability the bike offers.  I immediately followed the Alinker Bike Instagram account and began researching the bike.  The more I learned the more I felt confident that this bike could be a life-changer for me.  I very badly want to lose weight and become a healthier version of me and I strongly believe this amazing invention can help me do that. Barbara Alink has created this incredible aid to those of us with mobility issues.  I want to be around for a long time and I need to be healthier to do so.  RA and fibro present their own health issues, so becoming more active is a positive step I can take.  I am so excited about this campaign and really hope to have an Alinker Bike of my own soon!
Thanks for checking out my campaign!


The campaigns are about sharing. Most people have no idea what life is like when you live with MS or what happens after you have a stroke. Isolation is often a bigger problem than the symptoms of the disease itself. With the campaigns we can share and educate people, because it can happen to all of us. When we create a movement where people simply show up for each other, it might get a bit ‘safer’ and less ‘scary’ to engage with each other. Some people share their experiences on their campaign, others share their funds to support the campaigns. It is not about asking for money, it is creating an opportunity for people to learn and show up with #generosity. Being generous resonates with who we are as humans. We understand generosity deeply and when you practice it, you feel so much better 


  • The campaigns are in USD $, the $2200 USD includes the Alinker, shipping, process and campaign fees and our #AlinkerFamily support. 
  • The campaigns are all or nothing, no credit cards are charged unless the campaign reaches its goal.
  • As soon as the campaign reaches its goal, we ship an Alinker (from direct stock or you'll be placed in line, delivery 6-8 weeks).
  • Campaigners do not handle money. On disability or welfare, you cannot handle money without being penalized, but you can receive an Alinker !
  • When the campaign raises more than the goal, the campaigner can chose another campaign where we then make the donation to, paying it forward, or get the balanced paid out, the choice is the campaigner's.
  • If you want to start a campaign and are outside Canada or the USA, write an email to We can potentially get a shipping quote to where you live, and include that in the campaign goal, though we like to keep shipping at a minimum, so we will not ship anywhere beyond $250 shipping costs.

Together we build a movement of kindness and generosity, because we all need it

Why do we facilitate crowdfunding on our site?

We believe that the Alinkers should be available for everybody, regardless of income and people who start a crowdfunding campaign here, will have access to a life changing Alinker. Did you see how happy Selma Blair is using her Alinker? Her anxiety dropped from level 10 to 2 after she got back on her new Alinker. She is so happy and so on with this new invention, that she wants to create a fund to get people access to Alinkers. These crowdfunding campaigns are the first step to make Alinkers available for everybody. Selma Blair and BE are now putting their energy together to build a generous community around all the campaigners! The campaigners are people who allow others to show up generously, give them love!

Here is the Alinker segment as was aired on CBS Innovation Nation October 2019

Why an Alinker?

Generally, medical devices are a technical solution for a body with a problem.
The Alinker is designed for who we are, a whole human being, who wants to live an active and engaged life. We are a human, we have a body. Whether we miss a leg of have MS, it does not change who we are.

Yet the world we live in, treats us as a body with a problem, which creates a social divide between people based on their body, based on what we have, not on who we are. Isolation and loneliness are more devastating than the disease itself. So we need to show up for each other, acknowledge each other and be present to who we are.

These campaigns are here to bridge the gap between a high quality custom Alinker, and the people who live at the receiving end of a 'sickcare' system that drives people into poverty.

So, show up, be radically generous, it is something we humans really understand.
When you read each story in each campaign, pause and imagine who that person is, and why they started the campaign, reach out to them, let them know they are surrounded and seen, heard and not alone. When we do that, we feel better and create a safer community where we know we can show up for each other. It connects us with our essence, we are radically generous creatures, we just got a little lost in systems that are not designed for our wellness.

Alinkers change lives, here are a few people


Who is the Alinker for?

The Alinker is for people who want to stay active, regardless of mobility challenges.

To operate and use the Alinker you must have the ability to:

  • walk to some degree
  • flex and extend your legs
  • bear weight on one leg briefly while getting on and off the Alinker
  • be consciously aware of your surroundings
  • be aware of your ability and limitations

What is the Alinker?

The Alinker is an exceptionally cool, three-wheeled walking bike for humans with mobility constraints. It’s not a medical device, it’s a lifestyle tool, designed to enable users to lead active and socially engaged lives — at eye level.

On the Alinker, users sit upright -- at eye level with standing companions. Weight is supported by the seat with no stress on the lower body, while handle bars provide additional support. Feet remain on the ground, keeping users stable and safe.


Together we'll make this work, in kindness and from the heart


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